FNI Team Building

Fear No Ice Team Building Experience!

Fear No Ice offers an experience your clients will not forget, a chance to work with their colleagues as a team with some of the finest ice sculptors in the world. You’re offering your clients an opportunity to do something they simply don’t get to do anywhere, sculpt ice! Let them all decide on a design, or chose one of ours, work together and discover the artists hiding inside them while having a great time doing it.

Normally, teams work together in groups of two or three. They work on a single block of ice to create the design they have chosen. Finding their design hidden inside the block of ice, watching it come to life as more and more ice is removed is an experience of a lifetime. Taking photos and videos along the journey documenting their creation!

Fear No Ice sculptors will be at the ready to help your team builders experience with any tools required, technical questions as well as advise and help if they need it.

How this works

Option #1– this doesn’t necessarily have to about competition, who won and won lost. It can be more about teamwork. Each team can create a different sculpture.

Option #2– it can certainly be a competition. Sometimes competition is a good thing. In this case, every team would create the same sculpture and the Fear No Ice artists would judge it.

Which ever option you chose the Fear No ice artists will find humor in all this and add to the chaos!

Most of the time all this happens on 6 – 8 foot banquet tables with two teams sharing opposite end of the table.

Fear No Ice Team Building can take place indoors or outdoors and can accommodate any size group. We start the introduction with a brief presentation…we talk about tools, techniques, safety and then its time to have some fun!

If we are already on site for a performance, why not take advantage of the opportunity to offer your guests something completely different. The chance to create an ice sculpture with their colleagues will keep them talking about this event for months to come.