The CEO Show

Imagine a solitary ice box on the stage, the average size roughly 4’ x 4’ x 8’. As the lights come up, the audience becomes aware of movement and sound coming from inside. It’s the Ice Men, stuck inside, slowly cutting themselves out. First an arm, then a leg or a head appears. Finally, portions of the ice box come crashing down as the Ice Men break free of the icy prison.

Three performers step out and begin carving away at the remaining ice. Two Ice Men work feverishly, perhaps creating your company logo on a podium or something symbolic of the event’s theme. The third Ice Man is busy with tasks toward the back of the stage, though it’s not clear exactly what he’s up to.

Once the objects are carved the traditional toast is under way. But wait — there’s one too many performers on stage. The two real carvers begin stripping the imposter’s costume away, first the jacket and finally the hat and sunglasses, to reveal your CEO. The costume is large enough to encompass a fully dressed person. A microphone is brought to the stage as the CEO steps to the logo-ed podium to address the audience and join the Ice Men for the traditional toast.
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Contact us now for more info on this show!