Graffiti Ice Walls

Graffiti Ice Walls!

Fear No Ice would like to introduce your guests to our Graffiti Ice Walls! Come create your own work of art with our ice sculpting professionals. Your guests will express themselves on a giant wall of ice along with their colleagues.

Graffiti is writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or sprayed on walls or other surfaces for thousands of years. Now it’s your guest’s turn to engage in this fun and unique opportunity to draw their own names, kids names, or anything they desire into a giant wall of ice during your event creating a collaborative art piece.

How it works:
We start with a giant wall of ice which usual has the company logo sculpted into it as well as a tag line, a specific message or theme from the event.

We then invite guests up onto the staged area where we hand them a tool which can write on the ice wall. If a guest would rather us write their message we can do that as well. It’s that easy!

Indoors or out, Graffiti Ice Walls are fun interactive experiences.
Having one at cocktail hour is a great way to start off the event!

Thank you!
We look forward to the possibilities.

Scott Rella

Fear No Ice!